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Mindfulness is a type of meditation where you are focusing your awareness on what you are feeling in the present moment, without interpretation or judgment. Practicing mindfulness involves breathing techniques, visualisation, and other practices to relax the body and mind, to reduce the stress.

Focusing too much on planning, problem-solving, daydreaming, or dwelling on negative or random thoughts can be very draining. This can lead more likely to experience stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression. Practicing mindfulness exercises can help you redirect your attention from this kind of thinking and engage positively with the world around you.

Simple ways to practice mindfulness

  • Pay attention to things you do
    It is hard to slow down and notice things in the busy world we live in. Try to experience your environment with all your senses: touch, sound, smell and taste. For example, next time when you eat your favourite food, take some time to smell, taste and really enjoy it.
  • Live in the present moment
    Find joy in simple pleasures.
  • Accept yourself
    Treat yourself the way you would treat a good friend.
  • Focus on your breathing
    When negative thoughts arise, try to sit down, take a deep breath and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing as you inhale and exhale. Sitting and breathing for only just a minute can improve your mood. Paying more attention to the present moment, and to thoughts and feelings, helps to improve mental wellbeing and enables people to enjoy life and understand themselves better.

There are now variety of apps on the market to help you start or continue your path to mindfulness.

Some of these apps are free and offer short, guided meditations and it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or advanced.


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Why Me?

The passion for my work requires commitment on my part to stay up to date with the new ways of healing.

I am interested particularly in the question of belonging and identity, art and personal expression. Also, I have a deep interest in family contestlations.

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London, UK
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