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Relationships are an important part of life. Research shows that social connections are critical for mental and physical health. People in healthy relationships have better health outcomes and they are more likely to engage in healthy behaviours. Good relationships do not happen overnight it takes commitment, compromise, forgiveness and lot of effort.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Do I trust the another?
  • Do I respect the other?
  • Do we support each other interests and work?
  • Am I honest and open with the other?
  • Am I able to maintain my individual identity?
  • Do we talk about our feelings, hopes, fears, and dreams?
  • Do we feel and express kindness and affection?

A healthy relationship includes all of these key characteristics:

  • Mutual Respect
    You acknowledge and respect each other, even though you have different cultural background, opinions, or hobbies. Also, you support and respect each other’s opinions instead of trying to change them. This is what makes each of you uniquely you.
  • Reciprocity
    Reciprocity is a mutual exchange of actions, goods, energy, time, emotion, etc. between two people.
    The healthiest relationships are ones in which both partners are fulfilling each other's needs on a regular basis.
    Reciprocity is about communication and listening. It is about creating a balance where all the parties feel respected and valued.
  • Commitment
    Commitment begins with desire and represents the motivation to stay in a relationship and to work at it.
    Also, promotes relationship continuance by motivating people to comprehend, reflect, and take action in ways that help sustain a relationship.
  • Communication
    In relationships, communication allows you to explain the other what you are feeling, what your needs and desire are. The act of communicating helps you to meet your needs and helps you to connected with the other.
    Healthy communication means you both are being honest and open to issues in a mature way with mutual respect.
  • Mutual trust
    Building trust is a daily commitment. Trusting someone means that you believe they are genuine, you are confident in them, and also you feel safe physically and emotionally.
    In order to build trust, first take some small steps and then some small commitments, and as trust grows, you will be more relaxed with making and managing bigger commitments.
    Trusting your partner allows you to be vulnerable in the relationship because you know you are loved and accepted for who you are.
  • Boundaries
    Boundaries are the limits we set for ourselves in relationships, they protect our sense of self- identity and help protect against being overwhelmed by the demands of other.
    Our boundaries might be strict, loose, somewhere in between, or even non-existent. A complete lack of boundaries may indicate that we don’t have a strong identity or are enmeshed with someone else.
  • Shared Values
    Exploring your values helps you to identify the principles which you live by. They are reflected by your daily exchanges with others. Values represent how you reveal and relate to life and others in general.
    Happy couples encourage each other to pursue their goals, while conforming with their values.
    Shared values are the glue that keeps people together. You could have differences of opinion, but with common shared values, relationship will survive the challenges faced.
  • Flexibility
    Flexibility is a learned skill and a conscious decision that needs to be practiced often in the relationship if you would like to see the rewards.
    In a couple relationship being open to each other needs and desires and going beyond your comfort zone is necessary and shows flexibility on each other part.
    Flexibility also helps when couples face heavy challenges in their lives and as well as in the relationship; it allows them to adjust as needed.


You will find here information about why choose me as your counsellor as well as my social media and address.

Why Me?

The passion for my work requires commitment on my part to stay up to date with the new ways of healing.

I am interested particularly in the question of belonging and identity, art and personal expression. Also, I have a deep interest in family contestlations.

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London, UK
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